At Korowa we believe in the power of kindness, and the capacity of our girls to develop into young women of good character who understand and act upon the need to be brave, honest, respectful and generous to others.

Students and their families are well supported as they progress through the years with access to a support network including Heads of Year, Educational and Developmental Psychologist, School Counsellor, School Chaplain, Careers Counsellor, Learning Support and other members of a Wellbeing Team led by our Principal and Deputy Principal. This team works to develop positive relationships with the girls and their families, and monitor and support student wellbeing, both in and out of the classroom.

The Circle, Community, Crew program underpins the structure of the broader wellbeing program for students from Prep through to Year 10. It is a strategically planned weekly program with a prescribed structure that brings students and staff together to build positive connections.

Junior School (Prep – Year 6)

Through our wellbeing program, we guide our students to build strong and positive relationships with others which supports students to become independent and resilient. Classroom teachers are the initial provider of wellbeing support for each of their students.

There is a focus on using restorative practices when working with students, in doing this, we place relationships at the heart of problem solving. This approach helps students recognise any wrongdoing towards people, property and relationships and the importance of the shared acknowledgement and obligations to address them.

Cripps (Years 7 and 8)

This wellbeing program is designed and embedded in everything the girls do in order to support them. Wellbeing is delivered in a holistic way daily to support the girls through tailored Community, classroom learning and personal development information sessions. Essential to the girls’ success in the Cripps Community is a really closely connected and supportive wellbeing team who work with them daily.

Year 9 and 10

This program spans the pillars of academic, social/emotional and physical wellbeing; provided through the Crew platform and a range of experiences, students have the opportunity to explore who they are; where they fit in the broader world; how they can influence and improve the lives of others; and most importantly, what kind of young women they wish to become in order to thrive.

Crew offers the opportunity for students and staff to build relationships. Crew groups and their leaders, connect in class several times a cycle through a myriad of discussions and debates around relevant topics.

At this stage, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own wellbeing development and growth, by utilising the wellbeing tracking measures available to them, and putting in place positive and proactive practices. Similarly, staff work alongside the students to provide support, encouragement and strategies, throughout their journey.

In addition, students also participate in personal development sessions as part of the wellbeing curriculum. This is delivered through a variety of workshops, lectures and interactive sessions that are designed to develop student understanding of the importance of holistic wellbeing and how it contributes to success in life.

Year 11 and 12

As VCE students navigate their final years of schooling, they are encouraged to ensure they embed regular wellbeing practices into their daily schedules. The wellbeing curriculum continues to be delivered during Crew, Time Zero and Personal Development. Students have access to a variety of guest speakers and workshops which continue to focus on self-care and preparation for their lives beyond school. Students are supported by VCE Mentors who they work closely with throughout the year via wellbeing interviews, informal check ins and ongoing conversations around academic and wellbeing progress. VCE Mentors work closely with Heads of Year to ensure students are well supported as they complete their VCE studies.

Faith Studies

This program is delivered through the Chapel Program, which includes important student and community services. Overseen by our School Chaplain, this program provides opportunities for girls to engage with key ideas and issues in an Anglican context.