At Korowa, we view technology as a vital tool to support collaboration and creativity. Online tools and programs facilitate transformational teaching and learning.

Our staff and students have access to cloud-based programs such as Microsoft Mail, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and professional tools such as the Adobe Creative Suite.

The use of technology is balanced with the need to ensure students understand the importance of maintaining their personal safety online. We actively teach aspects of cyber safety at all levels of the school.

One To One Laptop And iPad Program

Korowa students from Year 5 and teachers have their own laptop with the most up to date tools and creative software. Laptops provide the tools to channel student creativity and collaboration which in turn can be translated into prototypes in the STEAM Lab or film through the Media Studio.

Every student in Prep to Year 4 has access to an iPad for the year. Students develop an understanding through programs such as Hector’s World and esmart to develop how to use technology and be safe when on-line.

Konnect – Learning Management System

This platform supports every individual class with an online page to House resources, communications, online assessment and reporting.

Learning Online

A digital toolbox allows students to create, design, collaborate and problem solve. Tools include: Microsoft 365, OneNote, Stream, Adobe Creative Suite, Minecraft, CAD.


The STEAM Lab facilitates hands on creative problem solving through tinkering with robotics and design thinking to develop and engineer prototypes. The STEAM Lab has a range of resources available including robotics, technology such as 3D printers, Virtual Reality systems, laser cutter, electronic equipment and other materials to assist students in bringing their creations to life.

Media Studio

Set up with a suite of lights, cameras and other related tools, students can engage in developing and producing film in a media studio that replicates an industry standard experience.

The co-curricular Quest program provides an opportunity for students to work with external experts from industry and the tertiary sector.

Microsoft Teams

Recent times have shown us the importance of being adaptable and the value of being able to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere. This powerful communication tool allowed us to continue to teach and learn as well as stay connected remotely.

Teams will continue to be a feature of our classroom in both face to face and online learning into the future.