3 and 4 Year Old Coeducational Program

Early Learning Centre rated as Exceeding 

We are thrilled to announce Korowa’s Early Learning Centre has been rated as ‘Exceeding’ National Quality Standards (NQS) for their Assessment and Rating from The Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACEQUA).  

The NQS is informed by research around best practice, is designed to encourage ongoing quality improvement and includes assessment and rating of services in seven key areas. 

Services are assessed against the seven quality areas of the National Quality Standards- Educational program and practice, Children’s health and safety, Physical environment, Staffing arrangements, Relationships with children, Collaborative partnerships with families and communities and Governance and Leadership. 

To be rated Exceeding NQS overall, all Quality Areas must at least meet NQS, and four or more Quality Areas must be Exceeding NQS.  

For Korowa families this means our ELC has been recognised for providing high quality individual care for children, and outstanding support for children’s learning and development.  

Our Program

Our Early Learning Centre offers our youngest learners the opportunity to explore the world. With an emphasis on play-based learning, Korowa’s ELC fosters discovery at your child’s own pace with a curriculum that is stimulating and informed by current research and frameworks.

Each week, children participate in specialist programs including Art, Music, Physical Education and Library visits.

At the 3 year old level, the ELC’s developmental program focuses on helping young children separate from their parents; individual children working and playing alongside each other in parallel play; following teacher direction; the introduction of specialist subjects and teachers; encouraging children to ask lots of questions within structured classes under teacher direction, and a rest time is also included.

Our 4 year old program provides a rich learning experience where children form strong connections; are introduced to the foundations for Literacy and Numeracy; learn to work together and independently, and investigate and problem solve, through developing critical and creative thinking skills.


Located on the ground level of the Junior School, the ELC provides the ideal environment for transition to Junior School. ELC children are connected to the wider Korowa Community and participate in Early Years’ Assemblies and events. They also visit the Preps in both social settings and learning contexts and have a Buddy in the Junior School.

Starting at ELC

Priority enrolment is given to families continuing into Prep from the ELC. Children must have turned three years of age before commencing at Korowa.

There is flexibility to choose non-consecutive days. Our ELC 3 year old program offers two, three, four and five day programs while the ELC 4 year old Program offers three, four and five day programs.

Classrooms open at 8.30am, and classes run from 9.00am to 2.30pm, with the end of the day at 3.00pm. We also offer Before School Care available from 7.30am – 8.30am and After School Care from 3.00pm – 6.00pm.

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