Korowa girls are challenged to embrace the empowerment inherent in our girls’ only environment.

This helps them frame themselves as young women who can lead themselves and others as they negotiate the complexities of life beyond School.


Young people want to make a difference, to address real issues and seek to influence today’s decision making at a community and political level.

Possessing strong communicative skills and the ability to effectively use technology as a conduit of communication will be vital.

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At Korowa, we recognise that some of life’s most important and lasting lessons are learned outside of the classroom.

Our co-curricular offerings provide outlets for students to nurture and grow their existing talents and explore new ones, while making friends with students who share their interests.

Beyond the Classroom


Signature programs are unique to Korowa and equip our young students with the skills and experiences of real life.

Korowa endeavours to create connections within the community and industry to provide authentic experiences for our students.

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