In the Junior School your daughter develops her first love of learning. She builds a solid foundation in areas of social and emotional wellbeing, and academic knowledge and skills.

The Early years are about curiosity, confidence, persistence, imagination, problem solving and investigating. It’s in her first years that she discovers school is a wonderful place to be.

As students move through the Junior School there is a focus trying new things and independence of mind and actions is encouraged. Students identify their personal qualities and achievements as well as learning to express their emotions appropriately.

In the final years of Junior School, it is all about developing good character through leadership, building independence, encouraging initiative, and embracing the Korowa values of courage, respect, integrity and service.

We strive to provide the best possible learning environment. Our class sizes enable our teachers to develop a strong relationship with your daughter and provide individual support.

Our staff work in close partnership with you to see your daughter flourish at school and beyond. Every teacher in the Junior School is responsible for student wellbeing, and all staff play a role in ensuring each student’s development and success.

What sets us apart is the wide range of opportunities available for young girls. Your daughter can learn an instrument; take part in Dance, Drama and the School production and learn how to start a simple business. She can participate in inter-school sport, concerts and the Chess Club. Immersive Learning Experiences are a highlight for many girls, as they take their learning outside the classroom and apply it in practical settings.

We encourage our girls to engage with the world through a number of opportunities, challenging them to learn and experience success across a range of endeavours.

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KXPKorowa Expedition Program

KXP stands for Korowa Expeditions and is a curriculum model which is built on the three dimensions of character, mastery of knowledge and skills and high quality work.

Extending across the Junior School, KXP contributes to the development of good people as it engages, motivates and challenge students in project based learning to develop proficiency, apply skills and knowledge and make a positive contribution to a better world.

Each learning expedition is strongly founded upon curriculum outcomes across a range of subjects and is firmly underpinned by literacy.

Students are inspired and empowered to challenge themselves as they apply critical thinking while undertaking the design thinking process to create high quality beautiful work with an authentic purpose in the form of a product or service for real world clients.

Working in small groups, students confidently develop crucial communication and collaboration skills as they deal with complex ideas and problems which will set them up well for life beyond school.

Each expedition concludes with an exhibition of some form in which the students’ beautiful work is proudly shared. 

It is a powerful experience that builds life skills that students will use beyond school. KXP provides opportunities for students to work together to problem-solve, lead, negotiate, connect with experts creating real-world connections and mastery learning where they continue to improve their work, taking on feedback from teachers and peers.

Korowa has developed this program based on the EL Education principles of empowering students to “achieve more than they think possible.”

Expedition learning allows our students to work through a project-based learning model to develop proficiency, apply skills and knowledge in an authentic context.

Expeditions are built on the three dimensions of mastery of knowledge and skills, character and high-quality achievement.

Junior SchoolScience Laboratory

The Junior School Science Laboratory allows for the expansion of STEAM programs for students from ELC through to Year 6. Flexible in its design, this space facilitates experiential and investigative learning through the use of specialised equipment and maker space facilities.

Science provides students with the opportunity to learn about the world around them, to make real world connections and to gain a better understanding of how and why things work. At Korowa, we recognise the importance of introducing students to science at an early age, as it allows them to develop a keen interest and appreciation of science, often leading to ongoing studies and future opportunities.

The new space allows students to learn specific processes in Science, and also have the opportunity to explore robotics, STEAM and culinary practises. I am sure this will inspire our girls to become inquiring minded citizens – future chemists, astronauts and engineers”
– Head of Junior School, Miss Jo Barker

This space has been designed to not only allow us to expand our science offering but also includes kitchen facilities to support learning through our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden and our indigenous garden spaces for ongoing experimentation, analysis of collected data and cooking of produce.

Facilitating the delivery of an extensive science / STEAM program as outlined in the Australian Curriculum, this space supports teaching and learning in an engaging and interactive manner enabling individual, small group and whole class learning opportunities from ELC to Year 6.

We look forward to our students exploring the world of science in this new facility.