Young people want to make a difference, to address real issues and seek to influence today’s decision making at a community and political level.

Possessing strong communicative skills and the ability to effectively use technology as a conduit of communication will be vital.


  • English
  • Languages
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Media

In English at Korowa, our students immerse themselves in the world of literature, discuss current issues and explore ideas to develop their understanding of themselves as individuals and as members of the global community. Our students also develop their ability to create texts and to share their voice through the power of words, both orally and in writing.

All students at Korowa in Years 7–10 study English as a core subject. At VCE, students will choose between the following subjects:

  • English
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL)
  • Literature

Additional support is available for eligible EAL students to develop their language skills and confidence in English.

With four languages, Chinese, Japanese, German and French to choose from, students are well placed to engage in a highly globalised world where travel, trade and international cooperation are key activities. Students learn to communicate in their chosen language(s) for a variety of purposes in different social and cultural contexts which are personally and culturally appropriate and meaningful. They understand the relationship between language and culture and how it is different from their own, thus developing an intercultural capability.

All students in Years 7-9 study Languages as a core subject.

VCE Subjects:

  • Chinese First Language
  • Chinese Second Language
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese

Drama provides the stage upon which collaboration and expressive skills are developed as students become innovators and problem solvers. Students learn to apply the elements of drama, as well as the more complex use of dramatic tension and sub-texts. Highly practical in nature this subject allows students to build social connections, increase confidence and explore creativity.

All Years 7 and 8 students study Drama.

Year 9 Electives:

  • Act and React
  • Westend to Broadway

Year 10 Electives:

  • Bringing Theatre to Life
  • Creating, Performing and Making Drama

VCE Subjects:

  • Drama/Theatre Studies
  • Drama

Providing a unique way to communicate, a music education fosters creativity, improved confidence and self-expression while enhancing health and wellbeing. Music promotes teamwork and collaboration, within a culture of tolerance and acceptance.

All Years 7 and 8 students study Music.

Year 9 Elective:

  • Kool Skools

VCE Subjects:

  • Music Performance

Media provides the medium through which an audience can be influenced. Understanding how media is constructed, distributed and interpreted as well as how various forms of media can manipulate and influence our lives is essential. Media allows students to develop skills that will make them creative communicators, adept at recognising representation and using existing and emerging communication technology to create meaningful media artworks.

Year 10 Elective:

  • The Panel and the Pitch

VCE Subjects:

  • Media Studies


  • Science
  • Applied Design, Technology and Engineering
  • Visual Arts
  • Mathematics

Underpinning each of the elements of STEAM, Science provides students with the opportunity to develop skills and understanding across a range of areas. Through their exploration of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, students develop their capacity to analyse, critique, problem solve and draw conclusions. Students represent their understanding analytically and diagrammatically, while group challenges facilitate collaboration in order to ideate, develop, test, refine and evaluate.

All students in Years 7 to 10 study Science.

Year 9 Elective:

  • Challenge: Planet Earth

VCE Subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Psychology

Developing tomorrow’ s problem solvers, these programs focus on developing a student’s skills in design thinking and problem solving, while also introducing how we can use technology to facilitate design and engineering solutions at Korowa. Students participate in a range of practical activities and investigations designed to enhance their design and technological skills across a range of projects.

Through elective subjects in both Years 9 and 10, students are able to engage with state and national competitions, including the Formula 1 in Schools Challenge, the SUBS in Schools Challenge and the Energy Breakthrough Challenge, providing them with the opportunity to extend their learning in a competitive environment while also gaining exposure to industry and higher education contacts.

Year 9 Elective:

  • Applied Design and Technology

Year 10 Elective:

  • Applied Design, Technology and Engineering

Studying the visual arts gives students the skills to find their visual voice. They experience and develop skills in a broad range of media. Students analyse and evaluate art forms and design from different cultures, times and places. Visual Arts develops lateral thinking, creativity, spatial awareness and problem-solving skills, essential attributes for navigating our contemporary landscape.

All students in Years 7 and 8 study Visual Arts.

Year 9 Electives:

  • Art and the Individual
  • Art of Photography
  • Textiles by Design

Year 10 Electives:

  • Ceramics
  • Essentially Art
  • The World of Design

VCE Subjects:

  • Art Unit 1 with Studio Arts Unit 2
  • Visual Communication and Design
  • Studio Arts Units 3 and 4

Mathematics courses support and challenge students, to enable them to explore their potential and develop an understanding of the subject, building on their knowledge and skills as they progress through the years. As students move towards their senior years of Mathematics, they will be assisted to choose a Mathematics program that best suits their learning needs.

All students in Years 7 to 10 study Mathematics.

VCE Subjects:

  • Mathematical Methods
  • General (Further) Mathematics
  • Specialist Mathematics

Knowledge Architects

Knowledge Architects are visionaries who interrogate the lessons of both past and present to imagine and ultimately build a better future for all. Since ancient times, students of the Humanities have been at the forefront of our most complex and important debates about issues of social, cultural, economic, ideological and political significance.

The lenses of History, Geography, Politics and Commerce provide an understanding of the problems, motivations and moral complexities of the human condition that inform humanity’s actions in the face of local, national and global challenges.

All students in Years 7 to 9 study History and Geography.

Year 10 Electives:

  • Climate Change, Influence and Action
  • The Holocaust: Humanity’s Failure

VCE Subjects:

  • Australian and Global Politics Units 1 & 2
  • Global Politics Units 3 & 4
  • Geography Units 3 & 4
  • History (20th Century) Units 1 & 2
  • History (Revolutions) Units 3 & 4
  • History
  • Geography

In History students investigate the past, it is this understanding of history that is central to students understanding the present day and how people, countries and the global community have changed.

History increases a student’s cultural awareness and broadens their understanding of the world they live in. Students learn through research and examination of facts, analysing sources of information and viewpoints to develop robust arguments and hypotheses.

The study of Geography provides students with the opportunity to discover, examine and better understand the world around them.

From the physical systems that affect our everyday lives such as water cycles to the location of places and their physical and cultural characteristics.

Students build understanding of the spatial organisation of society, biomes and food security, climate change, the relationship between the physical environment and society and global interdependence.

A Lifetime of Wellness

Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital in today’s modern world. Crafting sustainable solutions with a low impact on the earth is a priority in our program development.

Creativity, collaboration, communication, problem finding and solving are all characteristics of subjects that sustain a healthy lifestyle. Programs establish healthy habits, routines, nutrition and wellbeing strategies which last a lifetime while building resilience, comradery and collaboration.


This two-year program enables students to understand how dance provides a way of knowing about oneself, other people and the world. Dance explores stories, and is fundamental to sharing and understanding human culture, expression and communication.

All students in Years 7 and 8 study Dance.

Physical Education

Students learn about what it means to be fit, how to improve personal fitness, how to test fitness, and how to design a fitness program for a selected activity. They will practise skills for maintaining respectful relationships while evaluating behavioural expectations in a range of movement activities. Students will aim to improve their own performance in physical activities and sport as they explore tactics and strategies of play.

All students in Years 7 to 10 study Physical Education and Health.

Food Studies

Students develop an understanding of effective planning techniques, learn to interpret instructional text of recipes, the terminology and sequencing of food production tasks, different cooking methods, presentation styles and the nutritional value of different food groups when creating solutions for healthy eating.

All students in Years 7 and 8 study Food Studies.

Year 9 Electives:

  • CreATE Design
  • Dance
  • Food and You
  • Healthy Bodies

Year 10 Electives:

  • Body in Action
  • Food by Design
  • Performance and Lifestyles

VCE Subjects:

  • Food Studies
  • Health and Human Development
  • Physical Education


Entrepreneurship is an inherently human and creative act that builds something of value or meaning from spartan beginnings. It requires hard work and dedication, idea and solution generation, a willingness to take risks and the ability to relentlessly pursue a vision with passion and integrity. Industry shapers have the ability to change the way we live and work.

Year 9 Electives:

  • 21st Century Global Markets
  • Money, Markets and Me

Year 10 Electives:

  • Thinking critically with Commerce

VCE Subjects:

  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Legal Studies


At Korowa, we recognise that some of life’s most important and lasting lessons are learned outside of the classroom.

Our co-curricular offerings provide outlets for students to nurture and grow their existing talents and explore new ones, while making friends with students who share their interests.

Beyond the Classroom