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Our new STEMP building, Wingaru, is the next phase of the College's masterplan, continuing our commitment to contemporary learning spaces that meet the needs of today's world.

To think

Wingaru - which means 'to think' in the Cammeraigal* tongue of our First Nations people of the area - will provide dedicated spaces for the study of STEMP: our specialist learning and wellbeing place for Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) and for several pastoral care Houses at Riverview.

* Riverview is seated on Cammeraigal lands, and we honour the spelling provided to us by local Elders, acknowledging also its various other Anglo-spellings as Cammeraygal, Gamaraigal, Kameraigal and Cameragal.

Wingaru STEMP building features

Five storey building with contemporary, adaptable teaching and learning spaces.
Dedicated faculty spaces for the teaching and learning for Science, Technology and Applied Studies, Engineering, Mathematics and PDHPE.
Shared general learning spaces for inter-disciplinary and Project Based Learning.
Six dedicated House areas - providing greater equity among Houses.
Co-located staff rooms - fostering accessibility and approachability with educators and supporting our staff with greater professional connections.
Multi-purpose learning space.
Covered Outdoor Learning Area (C.O.L.A).
Ground floor Canteen with dual access to/from our main courtyard, with expanded food and beverage options.
Creation of an educational precinct, connecting Wingaru to the O'Neil Wing.
New landscaped areas reflecting the site's heritage with spaces for outdoor learning, recreation and storytelling.
Flexible indoor and outdoor spaces for teaching, learning, recreation and community engagement encouraging improved wellbeing.
Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview
Capital campaign for our STEMP building