Transform your medical research with Titan Neuroscience. We provide:

Advanced brain imaging

Automated annotation

Digital health technologies

Precision clinical trials and AI-powered decision assistance

Experienced clinicians and scientists have come together to transform your clinical research and deliver lasting impact.

Frustrated by the fact that the majority of novel technologies fail to proceed to market and most clinical trials are poorly designed, the Titan team offers strategic expertise to develop clinical innovations from inception to market delivery.

We connect your clinical needs with advanced technologies and strategic engagement to deliver success in trials management and technology development. We’re dedicated to improving health outcomes for Australian patients.

Why Titan?

Titan is leading a paradigm shift in clinical trial design and conduct to achieve an unprecedented level of precision and personalised care for patients.

Traditional clinical trials face significant barriers including limited cross-disciplinary integration, siloed research activity and historically conservative trial design.

In practice, these limitations have meant that patients may miss out on evidence-based care. Perhaps they are given treatment where the true benefits are not known or, worse, are given futile treatment. The most powerful way to improve care is to harness knowledge from logical, sophisticated and data-driven clinical trials.

Clinical and imaging data are multidimensional, and without data synthesis tools, clinicians are often unclear which data to prioritise or use at the point of care. A major reason for this is a longstanding lack of detailed data (purpose-built registries), cognitive, biomarker, and functional datasets.

Titan Neuroscience is disrupting the way we harness artificial intelligence (AI) to conduct precision clinical trials.

Why the research sector needs Titan
A majority of clinical validation trials, especially involving novel technologies fail to proceed to market. Titan is a unique contract research organisation (CRO) built to help you navigate the complex journey from idea to trial and ultimately to market. Unlike other CROs who provide administrative oversight and facilitation, the Titan team comprises academic clinicians, scientists, statisticians and implementation experts who are actively engaged in the sector. We take a deep dive with our clients, providing unprecedented level of support to deliver powerful, long-lasting outcomes.

How we can support your research

As leaders in clinical trials, medical device development and digital telehealth technologies, our clinician academics will provide expert advice to strengthen your research program and deliver measurable impact both clinically and economically.

Titan offers you bespoke, needs-based support tailored to your project, from specific bid development to end-to-end clinical trials management, regulatory submissions and clinical implementation.

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Titan becomes deeply involved in your quest, supporting you through the entire process:

Titan’s embedded health analytics ensures your research delivers optimised, statistically powerful and clinically useful data.