Supporting Transition

At St Columba’s College, we have a well-planned and deliberate approach to supporting each student’s transition to secondary school.

We understand that students have different levels of preparedness as the beginning of Year 7 approaches. For some, this is a very exciting time as they anticipate the new opportunities and adventures that lay ahead. For others, this will be a time of anxiety for various reasons.

Our program aims to ensure that by the first day of the school year your daughter will feel comfortable as a member of the St Columba’s College community and is ready to commence her learning journey with us.

The transition support continues beyond the first day of the school year. In addition to various programs and activities, House Teachers will monitor your daughter to ensure that she is settling into her new environment at the College. Our aim is to ensure that positive relationships are formed and reinforced as early as possible because we understand the importance of healthy relationships in underpinning academic success.

Supporting Transition also means we aim to ensure that we reinforce your decision to make St Columba’s the College of choice for your daughter’s secondary education. The information you receive from us will showcase the dynamic and outward facing community that is characteristic of our College, and we encourage you to use this information in conversation with your daughter to build her confidence and excitement about starting secondary school.

Our dedicated teachers, leaders and support staff will always be on hand should you have any questions about your daughter’s transition to St Columba’s College. Our support for each student continues well beyond her transition to the College and we encourage you to be in communication with the College should you have any questions or concerns.

Below you will find some of the activities that occur during Year 6 and into Year 7 that support the Transition Process at St Columba’s College.


A letter is sent to Priority Parish Principals with key dates and confirming student enrolment for each Primary School. February
A letter will be sent to families with an overview of important dates and key events that are part of the transition process leading to the commencement of the student at the College March
Families are added the to IONA distribution list & invited to follow College activities on the College Social Media sites April
Transition Forms are sent to Primary Schools to collect information on students in preparation for their learning June
Year 7 Parent Information Night
Welcome pack distributed – including Parent and Student Handbooks
Language study selection submitted online July/August
Performing Arts enrolment available From July
Intake Testing – provides a learner profile for each student that supports the information collated from Transition Forms and the Primary School Visits August
St Columba’s staff conduct Primary School visits to meet Year 6 teachers to gain an understanding of the learning and wellbeing background of each student, as well as meeting with students. August/September
Uniform fitting appointment arranged by Noone Imagewear August/September
Orientation Day – Students experience a day at Seconday School
Distribution of Orientation Pack – information regarding House, language, sport, uniform, book-list



Medical Profile created online January
Induction Day
Distribution of Induction Pack – lock, College Planner, timetable, distribution of laptops.
Allocation of Buddy – Students are partnered up with Year 8 and 9 Students in their House Groups First Day
House Welcomes – for all new families to the College February
 Parent Access Module – Information Night February
 Meet and Greet Event – Hosted by the Parent Engagement Committee February
 Year 7 Camp March