How to apply

You only need to complete a single application, and you are able to preference as many Colleges as you like.

If your first preference is unable to offer you a place, your application will automatically be passed to your next College of choice. You will of course be notified of your application status, and you can track the progress of your application though our portal. 

Before you begin

Take the opportunity to learn about each of our Colleges, as you will have the option to preference all of them on your application form. We recommend preferencing several Colleges on your application, just in case your first choice has limited availability.

Once you are ready to apply, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a profile on our application portal​.
  2. Enter your details, education history, and references.
  3. Select and rank the colleges in order of your preference.
  4. Submit!
  5. You will be contacted to pay the $75 application fee and arrange an interview.

After you’ve applied

We are committed to finding the best fit for every student, which is why each College manages its own selection process.

To find out more about what you can expect after submitting your application click click here.

What to expect after you have applied 

Application submitted to first preference  

Once your application has been submitted, your first College of choice will contact you directly, they may request further information and will arrange an interview.​

Choice selection 

If your first preference does not have availability, you’ll be notified that your application has passed to your next preference.

Updated preferences

If there are no further preferences in your application, we’ll get in touch to ask for updated College preferences.​

Our Accommodation Guarantee 

In the unlikely event that there is no availability in any College, our Accommodation Guarantee will ensure we find you a place in Melbourne close to campus. 

To give yourself the best opportunity of receiving a place at College, we highly recommend that you select as many Colleges as you’re interested in on your application.  

Learn more

We are committed to ensuring you find a place for your University accommodation​

How it works​

When completing your application, you have the option to choose which Colleges you’d like to apply for and order them from 1 – 10. Every College that you add to your application is another opportunity for you to receive a place and experience College life. Rest assured – whichever College offers you a place, the experience of a lifetime awaits.​

What you can expect​

If your first preference does not have availability, you’ll be notified that your application is being considered by your next preferences. This usually occurs shortly after university offers are released.​

Our Residential Colleges work closely with the University of Melbourne to ensure alternative accommodation options are available for applicants if necessary.​

If you change your mind​

If at any stage you wish to withdraw your application, please let us know here .