The National Disability Insurance Scheme

People with HD are often eligible for support packages through the National Insurance and Disability Scheme (NDIS). Sometimes navigating through the NDIS is difficulty for people, especially if have never been involved with the NDIS before. If you would like assistance in accessing the NDIS contact your local HD clinic or if you do not have one, get in touch with your relevant HD State Association {insert HDNA page with State Organisation Information}. 

The NDIS may provide several forms of support for you and your family. These supports can be minimal, such as having someone to help with the shopping or they can be more extensive, such as modifications to your home, visits from allied health clinicians, or in-home nurses to assist with cleaning, cooking and personal hygiene. What you receive from the NDIS depends on what you need.  

Residential Care

Sometimes living at home is no longer possible. In order to access the right type of care a person may move into a residential living facility. Residential care can be accessed on both a permanent or temporary (respite) basis. Talk to your HD clinician or your relevant HD State Organisation to understand how these services are best accessed. 

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