Participating in HD Research can be a rewarding and proactive way of contributing to the HD community. HD research studies often look for people both with and without the abnormal HD gene, so people from outside the HD community can also help. Below we have listed some of the currently recruiting studies. If you would like more information about any study in particular, get in touch with the listed contact person. 

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Examining the Gut Microbiome in HD

This study is taking place at Monash University Clayton Campus. The aim of the study is to understand the relationship between HD symptoms of mood and cognition with the gut microbiome. 

Contact: Yifat Glikmann Johnson


Sleep Disturbance in HD

This study is taking place at Monash University Clayton Campus. The aim of the study is to examine sleep disturbance in HD and how these disturbances are related to other clinical features of HD.

Contact: Emily Fitzgerald


Measuring Depression in HD

The researchers at Monash University Clayton Campus are investigating how symptoms of depression present in HD. The aim of this study is to understand how best we can measure depression in HD and as a result monitor whether our treatments are working. 

Contact: Hiba Bilal at

Stressors Affecting Young People with HD

Researchers at Monash University, alongside the Huntington’s disease Youth Organisation (HDYO) are investigating the challenges facing young people affected by HD and the effect these challenges have on day-to-day life. The ultimate aim of this study is to develop a questionnaire that assists clinicians and researchers to understand the stressors of young people affected by HD. 

Contact: Kelly Atkins


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