The Huntington’s Disease Network of Australia, or HDNA, is the name of a project conceived of by Professor Julie Stout of Monash University. The project began in 2020, funded by an Investigator grant to Julie from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia. The NHMRC provides funding to high performing researchers so that they can pursue new and important research opportunities and collaborations as opportunities and needs arise. In Julie’s application for the Investigator grant, she argued the following points to:

  • Now is the most optimistic time period in the history of Huntington’s disease (HD)
  • Promising treatments are being tested in clinical trials in Australia and internationally
  • So far, several potential treatments look safe, and early indications suggest they may be effective
  • In Australia we must urgently prepare for new treatments so that once approved, we can immediately bring these treatments to patients
  • Preparation for providing new treatments to patients requires
    • Knowing where patients are and how many there are
    • Establishing a financial approach that enables all eligible patients in Australia to get these treatments 
    • Creating a network of clinicians and community organizations that can provide the treatments and follow up care once treatments are administered
    • Alternative opportunities for care and treatment for those patients not eligible for initial treatments.


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Huntington’s Disease Network of Australia

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