The Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry lists past, current and upcoming clinical trials across Australia and New Zealand. This Registry allows consumers, researchers and clinicians to access information about the clinical trials that are occurring across our country, as well as the key contact details for the doctors or scientists associated with each trial. 

The Australian Clinical Trials webpage is supported by the National Health and Research Council of Australia. This page includes accessible information about how clinical trials work, what each phase of a clinical trial involves and what people need to know before they decide to participate in clinical trial research. This information may be useful if you are looking for a thorough understanding of clinical trials but please note that the information is not specific to HD. 

The Australian Government has a Standard Operating Procedure for Clinical Trials which may assist researchers in designing and conducting clinical trials. Access to the Standard Operating Procedure may be found here. 


Australian Clinical Trials – National Health and Medical Research Council

Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry 

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