The Australia Dementia Network Memory Clinics Network


Memory clinics are specialised centres for the comprehensive assessment of patients with cognitive disorders. Such clinics have been established in all Australian states. At present, there is no comprehensive list of Australian Memory clinics, no formal collaborative relationship between clinics, no harmonisation of diagnosis procedures and no agreement on how to conduct interventions or research. ADNeT-MC was developed to address this gap.


The ADNeT Memory Clinics (ADNeT-MC) Network aims to establish a collaborative, national network of dementia researchers, clinicians and associated healthcare providers. Such a network enables the efficient translation of research into clinical practice and provides an ideal framework for the development of new Memory Clinic facilities, to ensure that all Australians have access to high-quality dementia assessments, irrespective of their geographical location and socioeconomic status.

To achieve high-quality dementia care across Australia, ADNeT-MC drives the harmonisation of diagnostic standards across Memory Clinics. The consultation process for the development of guidelines, which will also contain a recommended standardised assessment protocol, has already begun.

ADNeT-MC has set out to facilitate the everyday diagnostic process for Memory Clinics clinicians. We will provide training and professional development seminars for clinical staff, establish easily accessible clinical resources and develop options for computerised assessments and automated norm data comparison.

ADNeT-MC is developing a platform for data acquisition, storage and sharing. All Australian Memory Clinics and their patients are invited to participate. The obtained database will be a rich resource for future dementia care research and will boost innovation in Australia’s dementia care services.

By linking the individual Memory Clinics to the ADNeT Clinical Quality Registry, ADNeT will, for the first time, be able to provide a comprehensive picture of Australia’s dementia care services and the clinical and demographic profiles of Australians living with dementia. Both will inform future healthcare needs.

Next steps

  • Establishing a comprehensive list of Memory Clinics in Australia
  • Gathering data about the current diagnostic practices and available resources in Memory Clinics across Australia
  • Development of a common dataset that can be obtained from Memory Clinics across Australia
  • Pilot phase of ADNeT-MC in a small number of Memory Clinics in Victoria and New South Wales
  • National launch of ADNeT-MC

Contact Information

Inga Mehrani
ADNeT-MC Project Manager
Phone: +61 (2) 9385 7601


The Australian Dementia Network has produced some guidance and support for health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic – view here