The Australia Dementia Network Clinical Quality Registry


Dementia has been identified as a National Health Priority Area since 2012. The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQHC) identified dementia as a priority area for the establishment of a clinical quality registry (CQR) in December 2016. The recently released Clinical Practice Guidelines and Principles of Care for People with Dementia provide a scaffold to develop a CQR, and conversely, a CQR can help implement key recommendations from these Guidelines into practice, monitor their uptake, provide feedback to clinicians and inform future iterations.

A registry of patients with dementia and mild cognitive impairment can provide many advantages to those affected by the condition and to their carers. These include improvement in the quality of care by:

  • Benchmarking process and outcome measures among care providers
  • Identifying significant variations in process and care outcomes
  • Monitoring access to care
  • Better understanding carer burden to improve dementia health policy and service delivery
  • Incorporating the voice of people with dementia in the decisions affecting their care.


The project objective aims to develop a set of Clinical Quality Indicators (CQIs) based on evidence, the individual’s experience and clinician perspective to judge and assess quality of diagnosis and care for people with dementia and mild cognitive impairment. We believe these are essential in improving quality of life in this population.

To benchmark clinical care, CQRs require systematic measurement of defined outcomes at predefined intervals and capacity to report back information to participating clinical units. Quality of clinical care can be measured by assessing the components of healthcare (process, structure and outcome) and determining performance amongst various dimensions of quality.

In addition to the proposed CQIs, the pilot dementia registry study will build a minimum data set (MDS) around the CQIs. A scoping study has also been undertaken to consider information to be collected from carers about their experience of supporting people with dementia. Models to include patient experience and quality of life are also being developed.

Project milestones and next steps

A draft set of CQIs and MDS has been developed following a review process of national and international guidelines as well as expert opinion from the Pilot Dementia Registry Working Group and ADNeT CQR Steering Committee. These are currently being reviewed by key stakeholders. Once the tools are finalised a small number of participating memory clinics will be invited to test and pilot data collection.

Contact information

ADNeT Registry Program Manager
Phone: 1800 314 421