Volunteer for trials

The Australian Dementia Network has set up a volunteer register for persons who would like to participate in research into the causes, prevention, and treatment of dementia.

If you are aged 50 years and older, and would like to be considered for dementia clinical trials, please click on the link below. This will take you to a secure site where you will need to answer a few questions and provide us with your contact details.

Volunteer for Clinal Trials

General Information About Research Trials

Trials vary in type. Some test drugs that may prevent or treat dementia. These are called clinical drug trials. Others test lifestyle changes such as exercise programs or the treatment of risk factors such as high blood pressure. These are called lifestyle intervention trials. Others follow volunteers for many years to learn more about the causes of dementia. These are sometimes called observational studies. They may ask you to fill in an “on-line” questionnaire and memory test on your home computer. Or they may ask you to have a face-to-face meeting with researchers. These take up more time, and may ask you to have brain scans, to give a blood sample, and to have detailed memory and thinking testing. Some even ask you to have a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to analyse the fluid that surrounds the brain.

ADNeT Trials

If you match our current research needs, we will contact you to ask if you are interested in a more detailed assessment that includes brain scans and memory testing. Depending on the test results, you may be asked to be included in our long-term study looking at the causes and development of dementia.

If we do not have a trial or study that matches you straight away, we may contact you in the future when something suitable comes up.

You can also download a free App to your smart phone or computer called ClinTrialRefer that lists all dementia treatment trials currently running in Australia and contains the contact details for the trial sites. The dementia trials section of this App is sponsored and managed by the Australian Dementia Network, a Federally funded initiative to fast-track the nation’s understanding of dementia.