Refer a patient for screening and trials

Dementia trials are slow and expensive compared to other disease conditions. Despite the high number of persons developing Alzheimer’s disease each year, on average a clinical trial site only recruits 8-10 participants per year for a particular trial. Among those referred to a trial, most fail the strict inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Access free diagnostic assessment for your patient

By referring your patient to the Australian Dementia Network Screening and Trials program, your patient will undergo a comprehensive free diagnostic assessment using techniques that are not routinely available, such as PET amyloid and tau brain scans. With these methods, Alzheimer’s disease can be detected up to 15 years before symptoms become evident (“preclinical AD”).

Results from the assessments are provided to the referring doctor, along with tailored trial recommendations.

Screening sites are running in Melbourne and Perth, with Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle and Adelaide soon to open.


To refer your patient, please contact Dr Jo Robertson – Australian Dementia Network Screening and Trials Coordinator or complete our contact form.

Referral Forms

ADNeT Screening information and local contacts

VIC screening referral form

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